Friday, March 30, 2012

Irrigation Update

We have begun to pressurize and test our irrigation system.  The greens irrigation project that was executed last fall had all it's pipe, wire and components installed.  Since it was completed late fall after we winterized the system, we did not get a chance to test much of the new irrigation or satellites and control system.

It is exciting this spring to see that the hard work preformed by the installing crew (new irrigation shown top left at 11 green) works! We are in the process of testing all the components of the irrigation system and working through the minor problems we expect to incur.

As with most projects,  problems will be encountered along the way.  We found our first small problem on initial fire up.  A small 1.5" irrigation pipe on #12 green that was not connected from the old to new greens system (photo middle left).  This problem was corrected with an easy fix.

The irrigation project also included restoration of the ground affected during the installation.  The contractor will revisit all these areas and restore low and high spots and top dress trenching seams. (photo bottom left).  These areas will heal in and become unnoticeable as the turf actively grows.