Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Irrigation Project

The greens complexes on all 18 holes and the putting green have been completed with piping, wiring and sprinkler heads.  The new satellite system has also been installed.  The project was completed is on time, in budget and the irrigation system has been shut down and blown out for the winter season.   The contractor has de-mobilizing and has removed the heavy equipment and the trailers from the parking lot.

In the spring the contractor will return and test the sprinkler heads and adjust the spray patterns for optimal performance.  Any settling of the ground affected during installation will be repaired at that time.    This winter the greens crew will be simulating the irrigation system operation and developing watering routines.  We look forward to using this tool next season to improve water management, which will directly benefit the turf grass and playing features with-in the greens complexes.

Greens Drainage

Sod removed #12 Green
Now that the early signs of winter are here, we are very close to having the golf course prepared for over-wintering.  The Flags have been moved into their winter locations on fairways in front of the greens.  The course hardware has been removed from the golf course, and our dormant fertilizers and snow mold protection have been applied.

Over the past winters we have developed a plan that has been successful in removing excess water as it melts off our greens surfaces.  The goal is to help water moving off the greens, move quickly to prevent freezing on the greens surface. Ice developing on the greens surface through freeze thaws can lead to turf loss.  Through the winter we shovel these channels keeping them clear from snow and ice accumulations.
Sod in #13 bunker
Preparing sod for the winter
We have identified the greens that will develop puddling water.  The process begins by removing a strip of turf  with a sod cutter, thus creating a channel for the water to move freely off the greens surface.  The sod removed from the green is laid in the closest proximity bunker. The bunker sand is pushed up against the sod edges and used as top dressing to protect the turf through the winter.
In the spring time this sod will be placed back onto the greens surface and will root in recovering quickly.

This week we will also put rope and stakes around all of our greens to keep cross country skiers and walkers from traveling across them through the winter.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Course Conditions

The first signs of winter arrived on Wednesday with a light coating of snow and ice.  Temperatures in the long range forecast are settling down to the traditional 30-40F range for this time of year. The greens maintenance team is close to having the course put to bed for the winter.  There will always be smaller projects around the golf course we will tackle as weather permits.  As we do enjoy seeing membership enjoying the golf course property year round we have placed "Provisional Flags" in the fairways for the winter golfer.  We are also getting ready for our 3rd year of providing an outdoor skating rink, which will be located in the tennis area.  Details will follow, as the weather is not quite ready for the rink to be constructed.