Thursday, March 15, 2012

Course Conditions

The middle of March has followed the pattern of this winter, "unseasonably warm".  The temperatures have reached the 60's, and the outlook for the next few weeks looks even warmer.   This is great news for our members and guests!  We have opened up the golf course for your enjoyment, and have the greens in play and golf carts available.

The golf course has come through the winter in great shape to start the 2012 season.  The greens crew mowed and rolled the greens for the first time on Tuesday.

Now 1 quick reminder, "It is still March".  The golf course is still in the process of waking up from the winter.  Turf is still dormant and greens although available for play, may not break any speed records.  There is still debris cleanup to be done on the property, and course hardware and services will slowly become available on the course through this month.

The trench lines on the greens that were cut out to improve winter drainage have been placed back in the greens (pictures below). Over the next few weeks this turf will improve and blend into the green.  The playing conditions over the sod will improve daily.

Drain Line on #13
Tamping the sod into #13 trench line

We will be adding 2 inches of sand to our bunkers starting next week.  This will restore the sand in our bunkers to a desired level, and will improve the playability and consistency from trap to trap.  The new sand added will take some time to settle and create a firmer  playing surface.

Since the grass is still dormant it has not begun to rapidly grow, any "damage" we cause today and through the month will be visible in April.

I would like to remind players how they can "Care for the Course" during the early season;

1. Fix Ball Marks
2. Replace Divots
3. Carts -  keep on paved paths and high areas where possible

Welcome back!