Thursday, August 23, 2012

Course Update

It has been a few weeks since the last update on the course conditions.  The course remains in very good shape despite many challenges we have faced from the hot summer.  As we move into the tail end of August the days become shorter and we have experienced several cooler nights and mild summer days.  Also we have experienced a few rain showers over the past weeks.  This weather is tremendously important for us, as it helps promote turf grass recovery.  Recovery from heat stress is never instant, and you will see a slow progression of injured turf rebounding.  The pictures below show some of the damage we incurred by the extreme heat of June and July, as well as maintenance and player traffic that can quickly add to already stressed out turf

#12 fairway - Heat stressed turf with additional cart traffic causing damage

#1 Green - Compacted Green with weak roots worn down completely
at the entrance and exit point of the green
We have definitely seen improvement in many areas of the golf course, thanks to the hard work of the Greens crew along with Mother Nature.  Some of the extra processes we have been doing, and will continue see on the cousre are; Needle Tining, Spiking, Topdressing and seeding, sodding as well as watering.  Below are a few pictures of the last few weeks.

Slicing marks on fairways to promote
space for new growth and to help with

Deep Tine aerifying greens to relieve
extremely compacted greens after Men's

Needle tining greens to temporarily
relieve compaction and improve air and
 watermovement in the soil
Deep Tine holes on #9 green
With stressed out turf our sprayers were used on a frequent
basis, to help control turf grass disease pressure