Friday, December 7, 2012

Closing down the Greens

On Monday December 10th, the "Greens" will be closed.  We will be moving the flags to their temporary positions on the approaches.  The golf course will remain open to those who would like to come out for some exercise and play winter golf.  The greens crew will be putting down a heavy topdressing and staking off the greens starting next week.  It has been a tremendous golf year, that opened up in March and finished in December.  We would like to thank all the support of the membership through the 2012 golf season, and are already looking forward to 2013.

Monday, December 3, 2012

#3 Tee Renovation

Here are a few pictures of #3 Tee during and after renovation.

Removing the Austrian Pines behind #3 tee box

Installing the retaining wall
Removing the grass from the tee box and surrounds
Rough grade
Almost at final grade
New irrigation being installed
Laser leveling tee boxes
Brick paver walk path being installed
Cutting pavers to be installed
Walk path pavers finished
Limestone retaining wall finished
New #3 Tees and surrounds grassed

#2 Tee Renovation

The greens crew has been busy on the course as well as overseeing the renovation of #2 and #3 Tee areas. With the design of C.W. Golf Architecture and contractor Eagle Golf Construction we were able to finish the transformation of these 2 areas during November. Below are some pictures of #2 tee from start to finish.

Old #2 Tee

Timbers from wood retaining wall
Reconstructing the wall in limestone slabs

Rough grading the area
New Irrigation being installed

Tee mix being added in background, and new cart path base
being added in foreground
Rough grass sod around tees
Large willows beside the ladies tee removed
New asphalt path being installed
Project finished! View from the new back tees