Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tree Update

Conifer grove between #13 and #7
 Over the last couple months playing the golf course you may have noticed injury to some of our conifers on the golf course, mainly Norway Spruce and White Pine.  In most cases this injury has been caused by a herbicide "Imprelis" used to control weeds in the roughs throughout the golf course.  Imprelis is a new product released on the market for golf courses and landscapers and has done a great job controlling weeds. Unfortunately "Dupont" the company that released this product was not aware of the severe effects it could have on these tree species.

Currently Imprelis has been removed from being sold and Dupont is working on correcting the situation.  They will be sending arborist's to all golf courses and landscapes that have reported claims about problems.  These arborist's will analyze the trees and their injuries as well as take soil samples.

Forest Lake C.C. has notified Dupont and we are currently waiting for our site evaluation.  Since there is varying severity of injury to different trees on the course, we remain optimistic that some trees will rebound, while others may have minor pruning to improve tree health and aesthetics.