Monday, August 22, 2011

Course Conditions

Overall the course is in very good condition and has faired well through some tough temperatures and conditions we experienced this summer.  During most years we will suffer small areas of turf loss from compaction, heat stress and turf grass disease pressures.  These areas will start showing showing recovery soon, as the days become milder and overnight temperatures decline, improving growing conditions. 
     To help out with the recovery process we have started spiking our fairways that have become thin or or have bare spots.  The slits from the spiker  1-2 inches deep and an inch long penetrate through the thatch and compacted ground.  This provides an area where water, air and light can penetrate the soil allowing new seed to germinate, and giving weakened turf plants space to grow and obtain nutrition.  The slits are hardy noticeable and the overall process is very non-obstructive to the playing surface as shown in the 2 photos.