Monday, July 25, 2011


The Weeping Willow in between the range and #2 fairway had a large branch come down due to wind a couple weeks ago.  3 days later after cleaning up the debris from the first limb,  the same tree lost another large branch because of wind.  This tree had ants and decay inside the tree, weakening the tree at the unions of the large branches.  The final result was a removal of the remaining tree and the area has since been sodded into rough grass.  Below are a few pictures of the Willow.

Large Limb #1
Large Limb #2

Little Leaf Linden #18

Last week wind resulted in another tree casualty, blowing down a mature Little Leaf Lindon on the right side of #18.  This tree was planted by spade from it's original location on the driving range years ago.  Although growing well on #18, the root systems of these particular Lindens did not redevelop enough to support the tree in such a wind.  The canopy's of Lindens are very full and have many leaves for the wind to catch onto and add tremendous force. 

Although damage caused by wind, and storms is often inevitable, proper pruning, thinning and inspection of trees is very important for tree health and minimizing potential safety hazards on the golf course.