Monday, July 25, 2011

Heat Stress

So far in July we have had 15 days that have reached into the 90's. With 6 days left, there is a good potential of adding to this total.  Although storms have been all around us we have received only 1/2" of rainfall for the month.   

The humidity and timely watering has kept the golf course in good condition.  We have been irrigating the golf course during the day, this allows us to cool down the turf as well giving the grass plants time to dry.

During our fairway daytime syringe cycles the irrigation sprinklers run for 5 minutes each and will progress individually down the fairway from green to tee. 

Excessive moisture with high overnight and daytime  temperatures provides favourable conditions for many summer turf grass diseases.   We have been treating the golf course preventatively and curatively for these turf diseases. Photo on the left shows a small out break of "brown patch" on #8 Tee, Saturday morning.