Monday, April 18, 2011

Irrigation System

      We have encountered some wear problems in the pump house.  The first problem has been an ongoing concern relating to the salinity levels in the water that we pump out of Forest Lake.  The piping in the pump house of our irrigation system is metal before it transitions into transite and PVC piping in the field of the golf course.  The salinity in the water has caused corrosion to piping (photo top left).  We had to replace the screens to our intake lines in the wet well and we will have to have our intake screen in Forest Lake inspected to determine it's condition.
       The second problem we have encountered is the wear on the piping caused over time by our acid injection (photo middle left).  The acid injection system is a tool to lower the pH of irrigation water and help water penetrate the soil. Impenetrable soils usually contain higher levels of sodium and bicarbonates that are found in high levels in Forest lake.
       The 9' section of pipe containing our acid injection ports and flow meter was replaced last week (photo bottom left) to eliminate a possible pipe failure.