Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Maintenance

Jose Marcaida - Equipment Technician FLCC
The maintenance of our course equipment begins in the late fall as the golf season comes to an end. 

Jose Marcaida has been the equipment technician responsible for overseeing the turf maintenance equipment since April 2006. 

Through the summer months our equipment is maintained daily to ensure the best possible playing conditions.  On course reel adjustments, equipment operation training, and machine breakdowns are some tasks to be preformed.  Jose has done an exceptional job in keeping machines in good working order and quality operation. 

The winter months allow Jose to work on the equipment thoroughly.  With the help of the greens staff, our machines go through inspection, scheduled maintenance, and cleaning. This includes grinding reels, bed knives and blades, as well as fixing wearing parts. The equipment is detailed and restored to the best possible condition.