Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tree Work

Trees removed

2 dead White Pines at the driving range - A new White Pine will be planted this spring.

1 Paper Birch right side #9 that was deteriorating from Birch Borer - We will be planting 4 River Birch in this area

1 Flowering Crab behind #7 green - A Spruce will be planted further in behind #7green.

Trimmed Trees

- Locust trees between the 10th hole and Square Lake Rd.  These trees cause problems with shade and roots, and their over hanging branches come into play.  The Men's portion of the tee box was sodded to Bent grass this fall and the roots of these trees were pruned at that time.

- Oak Trees beside the short game practice area. (photo above).  Branches over hanging the green creating shade were elevated and some dead branching removed.