Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Course Update - Trees

Over the past few weeks the greens crew has planted 20 new trees on the golf course. These trees were hand selected from a local nursery by the greens committee.  All new trees that have been planted over the past few years were picked for their desirable traits, hardiness and to add diversity among the forest at FLCC.  Planting locations were determined from the course Master Plan as well as replacement in some instances of tree loss.

Until these trees start to mature we will continue to protect the bases with mulched rings to prevent mechanical damage such as mower and line trimmer damage.  Also young trees will have a black stake placed in close proximity to the tree, putting  the following "local rule" in place.

1. This Local Rule requires mandatory relief from "black" staked trees and reads;

The player must take relief from all black-staked trees with regards to normal stance, swing, and club selection.  The player is allowed to lift, clean and drop the ball without penalty within one club-length of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.
Any questions on this rule or farther explanation of rules on the golf course, can be answered by our PGA golf professionals.

Recent tree plantings include;

1 River Birch - left side #1 fairway
2 River Birch - behind #2 tee
1 Sugar Maple - between #4 / #5
1 Black Gum - left side #9
7 Eastern White Pine - between #11 / #12
3 Concolor Fir - right side #13 green
1 White Flowering Crabapple - #13 tee
3 London Planetree - between #16 / #18
1 Tricolor Beech - left side #18

Trees arriving!
Planting River Birch at #2 tee
London Planetrees to add protection once mature on holes #16 & 18
Preping the planting hole for a Sugar Maple on hole #4
Tricolor Beech on #18 will be a great tree to enjoy in future years to come.
Concolor Firs will replace removed Colorado Spruce on #13
Replanting the White Pine Grove on #11/12 will add to  strategic tee shots in the future
New arborvitaes were added to the back of #10 Tee.  Due to road salt and winter injury there were several poor quality arborvitaes that were removed.  The new plantings should grow fairly quickly and help out with  road noise and visual distractions.

Old arborvitaes removed
New 8ft arborvitaes, although small add an immediate barrier