Saturday, April 12, 2014

Course Update

Spring is officially here!  Even though at times the weather still has that end of winter chill.  We are definitely going to have a late spring warm up, which will slow greening of the turf.  This severe winter has offered many challenges on grass wide spread through Michigan. Rough grass areas and bunker faces are matted down and snow mold is apparent in many areas.  The extended period of snow cover, creating slow cool and wet melting conditions all played major factors.  Most of these areas are very resilient and will bounce back after some raking and the first few mows this spring.

Receding snow bank on #18 Right side bunker
Some of the bigger challenges at the start of this golf season is "Winter Kill" damage we did suffer on shorter mowed areas.  Tees and fairways that have winter scars on the golf course, will rebound fairly quickly with some spiking and warm weather. Our main focus over the next several weeks will be inter seeding our putting greens to help stimulate growth in thin areas and areas of turf loss.  Covers will be used on our greens to help raise the temperatures and to create a "greenhouse" effect to accelerate the recovery process during cooler temperatures.

Covering the putting green

#8 green
Finally it would not be spring without cleanup.  Special thank you to the maintenance crew in working very hard at cleaning up branches, leaves and sticks wide spread across the golf course. 

Typical scattered sticks coming out of the winter
Cleaning up the corners of the course