Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Course Update

It has been a tremendous year to date.  This golf season has provided some of the best weather we have seen in years.   As we reach the climax of the season, realize there is many golf rounds still to be played.  The golf course has remained in very good shape to date and there has been much praise for the course conditions from members and their guests.  I would like to thank the 2012 “GREENS CREW” that has worked through tough weather, hot temperatures and an eventful golf calendar.  The crew this year has given 110% to provide quality conditions daily.


Special thanks for the Men’s Invitational participants for respecting the golf course and following cart rules during the wet conditions during their Friday and Saturday rounds.  Cart traffic damage was very minimal from their efforts.

Looking ahead, we will be focusing on recovering grass on the golf course that been thinned out or lost from the summer stresses.  Some of the processes you will see on the golf course include sodding, spiking, seeding and top dressing.  August and September provide great conditions with warm days and cool nights to promote speedy recovery.