Friday, June 1, 2012

Course Update

Hole #12 Friday Morning
Needle Tine aeration #13 Green
      Finally some rain and cooler temperatures to provide a little relief from the hot month of May we experienced.  Most of  May's temperatures stayed in the mid 70's with some days venturing into the high 80's and low 90's.  Rainfall was at a minimum and we were solely relying on our irrigation system to provide water.   There are some non irrigated areas in roughs that are starting to show the doughty conditions.  Also we have some isolated dry areas on our shorter mowed surfaces.  These areas are showing stress from being intensely managed to provide the best daily playing conditions.

We needle tined and top dressed the greens on Tuesday.   Mowing and rolling the greens daily, and foot traffic from players compacts the greens.  Compaction leads to poor water, air and nutrient movement in the soil and can compromise the quality of grass.  The Aeration process helps water to penetrate and move through the greens surface by creating pore space in the soil.  The benefits from aeration, allows us to manage the greens aggressively to provide best playing conditions, and healthy turf.  Playability is not compromised through this form of aeration because the holes are small (1/4 inch) and no core is removed.