Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Arbor Day Plantings


       We have planted most of the plant material funded by Arbor Day.  The Arbor row alongside 12 Tee has been planted (before and after photos above), with a few small details (sod/mulch) to finish that area.  The First Tee Burning Bush was planted last week.  In between #9 and #11 we added 2 River Birch and a Burr Oak to that area.  Also an Austrian Pine was planted on the left side of #14.  All of the plant material will be mulched in the upcoming weeks and the new trees on the course will be marked with a black stake, so a golfer can take relief.    All of the tree and shrub planting this season was done by the golf course maintenance crew. The below photos showing the Arborvitaes, and Burr Oak being planted.